25 Best Ice Fishing Jigs & Lures For

Best Ice Fishing Jigs

Winter is on its way, or perhaps it’s already here. You have one task this season. You can catch some trophies fish on the ice! We catch our favorite fish every year by breaking the ice! We need the best ice fishing equipment to catch walleyes, pike, perch, and crappie.

These are the top ice fishing lures and jigs.

What ice fishing lures do you prefer? It is the one that consistently catches fish every season. We wanted to find out the answer so we polled hundreds of ice anglers. Several lures were repeatedly mentioned. We have compiled a list of the 25 best ice fishing lures and jigs that you should have in your tackle box for this season.

Rapala Jigging Rap 07 Fishing lure

The Jiggingrap was originally designed to be a Winter lure. However, it has been proven to be a year-round vertical jigging lure. The Jigging Rap can reach fish in surprising places, swimming in captivating circles. The Jigging Rap is extremely effective when Winter is jigging through ice or to catch large fish that are holding onto deep structures.

Rapala Jigging Shad Rap

The Jigging Shad Rap is more prominent with slow circle down motion. The bait will circle faster if it is raised in a quick “snapping motion”. To get strikes from otherwise dead fish, a quick vibration motion can be used at fixed depths. This is a deadly tool under the ice or for fishing open water for suspended fish. It’s also the best choice when working in deep, submerged structures. Both ends have single reverse hooks with a center treble, eyelet, and a single end. These can be tipped in your favorite bait. Profile in zinc weighted shads in natural, glow, and UV color patterns

Salmo Chubby Darter

Since its 2002 introduction, the Chubby Darter has been the only vertical wobbler on the planet. It is designed for ice fishing and works vertically regardless of whether it’s rising, falling, or both. It is essential to use the right tackle to control the lure. The most important elements of the setup are the sensitive rod that can be used to indicate strike and the thinnest possible line. These features allow you to use Chubby Darter’s features effectively and catch more fish.

Acme Kastmaster

Kastmaster’s balance is a wild fisherman without any line twist. Its aerodynamic design makes it the master distance caster and can catch fish of all sizes – fresh and salt. The Kastmaster has been precisely machined. It is resistant to corrosion, breakage, or bend and retains its shine even after prolonged saltwater exposure.

Custom Jigs & Splines Pro Slender Spoon

A great bait is made better by new paint patterns and wickedly sticky hooks!
The Pro Series Slender Spoon is quickly becoming one of the most loved ice baits ever since its inception a few years back.
The Pro Series Slender Spoon is a spoon that strikes where other spoons fail. It has an erratic slow flutter and slow fall action.

Goture Ice Fishing Jigs

This is a favorite for walleye fishing on the ice. Hooks are attached to the tail and head, making it very difficult for fish to escape. The jigging fishing lures have a perfectly balanced design to produce an attractive circular swimming action. This fishing lure set features high-quality components that provide superior performance in the water. The classic minnow body design makes it easy to get to the fish faster.

Dynamic Lures HD Ice Fishing lure

Dynamic Lures is known for making one of the most versatile Ice Fishing Lures available. Dynamic’s hollow construction allowed for the perfect combination of sound and action for winter anglers. This vertically jigging lure is designed for small- to medium-sized trout. This lure isn’t your average ice fishing bait. This lure is high-action and can bring in vicious bites. HD Ice is the best option for those looking to gain an edge on the ice.

Live Target Golden Shiner

Every tackle box should have the Golden Shiner Rattlebait. Its internal composition is perfect for a yo-yo retrieve. This lure can be inhaled by almost all freshwater game fish including Panfish, Trout, Bass, Pike, and Trout. The sound of the harmonic rattle can be heard below the surface. This bait can be used on the vertical drop of the ice to get a winter Walleye bite.

Bay de Noc Swedish Pimple

The Swedish Pimple is an excellent ice fishing lure. This lure is a must-have for fishermen because of its proven ability to catch walleye, coho salmon, northern, panfish, and other species. The larger size lures are best for deep-water game fish like walleye and coho salmon.

For panfish, trout, bass, and other small species in shallow lakes, the smaller sizes are best. If both species are present in the same water, all sizes can produce game fish as well as panfish. Lightweight rods with ultra-light action and balanced reels with 2 to 4 lb test line, paired with a Swedish Pimple have brought large panfish to the table.

Bay De Noc Lure Co. Do-Jigger

Ice fishing with the lure requires you to bait a treble or single hook. A chugging, bobbing, or sharp lifting action of approximately one foot is recommended. This technique is extremely effective when ice fishing for walleyes, northern perch, and trout. This lure is especially effective when the water temperature drops and the fish are too slow to chase it. Use as bait Use with bait!

Northland Tackle Buckshot Rattle Spoon

The Buck-Shot(r), Rattle Spoon is deadly when vertical ice fish jigging perch and walleye as well as trout, bass, and pike. Jig in a lift-fall fashion to attract fish and get them to strike. Use a minnow head or waxworm, or IMPULSEMinnow Head and perch eye to tip. It is made from metal and features a loud brass Buckshot(r) Rattle and a highly reflective “holographic” Baitfish-Image (r) body to lure fish from a large radius. It thumps, ticks, clicks, and clatters and “rings-the-dinner bell” for Perch, Walleye, Bass, Trout, and Pike.

CLAM Dave Genz Drop-Kick

The Drop-Kick was created by Dave Genz as a perfect cadence jig. The Drop-Kick features a 90 degree XL hook that has a stronger hook, a larger tie eye, and a wider hook gap. This allows for a higher hook-up rate than other jigs. The Drop-Kick creates a “kick”, which Panfish will not resist if it is correctly jigged. The top of the Drop-Kick jig has a flat surface that is ideal for viewing on a sonar unit using a smaller-sized jig. These jigs come in six colors, and all are UV coated. Drop-kick the fish during your next trip on the ice.

Clam Leech Flutter Spoon

Clam Pro Tackle’s Leech Flutter Spoon has an amazing flutter that tumbles and falls back-and-forth. Highly reflective, plated colors flicker like fish scales. The metal flash will attract them and make them flutter like a wounded baitfish. The lightweight, environmentally-friendly zinc alloy material of the Leech Flutter Spoon slows down. Attractive feathered triple fools them every time. You can now get high-vis Glow or UV colors to attract fish in. Just charge them with the blue light Jig Charger, and they will glow.

CLAM Time Bomb Spoon

Time Bomb creates an unmistakable sound fish can recognize. Prey moving along the bottom makes a clicking, ticking sound. Although underwater is filled with chirps, tickling sounds, and other sounds, no one has ever been able to replicate the “bottom click” better than this. Time Bomb is an attractive bait that can be dropped quickly. The tiger-bar pattern in six color schemes. Swarovski gem eye. Glowing epoxy triple. The brass element is the deal-sealer and how it interacts with the other components.

Fish Sense Lures Binsky

The Binsky vibrating blade bait can be used for ice fishing and can be vertically jigged. The Binsky is designed to maximize the fish-catching potential of a metal lure. Fish Sense Lures Binsky is the best blade bait available. The Binsky blade bait is made to feel and transmit sensations at greater depths than any other.

HT Enterprises Marmooska Jig

This is one of the most versatile pan-fish jigs you will ever use. A horizontal type with a fine wire hooked. The fish is heavy and easy to see through electronics. All colors glow. The Marmooska Jig is an elegant European design that features a heavy, bumblebee-shaped body with black eyes. It also glows in the dark. These jigs have been proven to be successful when jigging panfish, trout, and finicky walleye.

Lindy Quiver Spoon

Lindy’s Quiver Spoon is made from lightweight tin and features a unique bend. It descends slowly through water columns with a flashy, tantalizing quiver. Every Quiver Spoon has a chrome- or gold-plated back to maximize flash. The front colors include four of the most popular Glow colors, Metallic Red, Perch, and Chrome, as well as Gold, and the remaining three colors are permanent. All Quiver Spoons include a strike-prompting, red treble hook. The Quiverspoon can be used to tip with a minnow, larvae, or plastics. It is available in sizes 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 ounces. This allows you to match everything, from pike and walleyes up to panfish.

Nils Master Jigging Shad

It has been proven to catch walleye, pickerel, and pike as well as jumbo perch. The Nils Master Jigging Shad series was specifically designed to be used in vertical jigging on ice and open water. You can also get glow-in-the-dark colors that are easier to see in murky waters. Combining the aggressive colors with the design encourages fish to strike.

Northland Forage Minnow

The Holographic Forage Minnow Spoon captures everything, from walleyes to trout, perch, and bass. You can jig it hard for maximum flash and flutter or slow down and flick the treble whenever gamefish come in to inspect. Use a minnow head or waxworm to tip it.

Northland Tackle Bro Bug Jig

The horizontal-hanging bro bug Jig is deadly on bluegills, crappies, and perch. It can be vertically jigged through ice or under a boat. BarblessWire Bait Collar and long-shank hook are great for balancing the sleek, buggy-looking jig head.

VMC Rattle Spoon

VMC Rattle Spoon is equipped with a unique resonance chamber made from brass and multiple beads that gives anglers an advantage over other rattling spoons. This chamber is shorter and allows fishermen to block sound at a minimum distance, while still allowing for action to the lure. This is combined with the wide range of colors available in UV, natural baitfish, and Ultra Glow pigments that last up to 15 minutes, and fish will not resist biting!

Williams Nipigon Lure

This new Williams lure was named after the famous Canadian watershed that produced the world-record speckled trout. The Nipigon has a slim body of 2 1/2 inches and 1/3 ounces. A spoon that mimics a distressed baitfish. It is very effective when jigged while ice fishing. The multi-species lure can work at different speeds. Genuine silver and 24k-gold are the hallmark Williams’ precious metal finishes. Nothing reflects more light than genuine silver or 24k-gold. Available in 8 colors with a red triple hook and 3D eyes.

Sebile Vibrato Baits

The Vibrato vibrates naturally, as its name suggests. It vibrates when it is retrieved, jigged, or twitched steadily, unlike other vibrating lures. It vibrates constantly because of its unique design. The body is deeply compressed and has a wider belly than a thinner back. The Vibrato comes with two treble hooks on each side. This makes it ideal for light-biting fish, where two trebles can ensure more fish are caught. The entire length of the Vibrato’s body is wired, connecting the hooks and the line tie. This ensures a secure connection between you, your trophy, and yourself.

Acme Sidewinder Spoon

The Acme 1/3-Ounce Sidewinder Spoon can be used for all types of fish, including panfish, walleye, and pike. The Sidewinder can be deadly when fished close to the surface or deep. There are 8 colors, bucktail teasers, and plain treble hooks to choose from so you can find the perfect Sidewinder for your fish.

Northland Whistler Jig

Deadly on Perch and crappies, walleyes, pike, and trout. Use Dynamite in clear water or with moderately stained water. Tip with live bait, such as a half-a-crawler or Minnow or soft-plastic trailers. Cast and flutter about weeds, rocks, and wood. Vertical jigging is a great way to ice fish.

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