7 Best Fishing Spots Within City Limits

Phila Fishing

Living in a concrete jungle does not mean that there aren’t great fishing opportunities. It would surprise you to see how close Philly is located to some of the best fishing spots.

There are many options to catch trout, monster carp, catfish, and walleye within Philadelphia’s city limits. One day, I witnessed a man pull a huge brown trout from the waterworks dam. Here are my top picks for fishing in Philadelphia.

These are the Top Fishing Spots in Philadelphia

Waterworks on the Schuylkill River

The Schuylkill River makes for a great fishing spot. It flows through Philadelphia and then empties into the Delaware River. You will find both resident fish and migratory species such as Atlantic shad and stripers in the Spring.

The waterworks are situated on a dam, and the lower area houses many species. Fishing can be done from the East side of the waterworks or West River Drive.

Both can be equally productive, but the waterside will see you fishing along the walls of the river. To lift your catch from these heights, you’ll need a net.

This video shows the fish ladder at the falls, with many species passing through. It was captured on camera.

Wissahickon creek

The park is surrounded by a creek that runs through it. It has several great spots for catching spring trout and bass throughout the year. Each year, the Wissahickon has a stocked stream with spring rainbows, browns, and rare golden trout.

Many pools can be found throughout the creek, as well as an area under a dam at Ridge Ave just before the creek empties into the Schuylkill River. This creek is great for trout fishing in spring from April to May.

You should fish for smallmouth, rock bass, and carp in summer. You can also take your kids fishing for sunfish if they are interested. These fish will eat almost anything.

The Delaware River

Although technically there isn’t an “East Philly”, you could argue that it is the Delaware River. Many people believe that the Delaware River is dirty and polluted, with no fishing opportunities. It was a dirty river 40 years ago but it’s now a great place to fish in Philly.

There are many species in the river, including catfish and carps that you might find in most cities. You can also catch large and smallmouth bass, pickerel, and even muskies.

Every spring, the shad (and striped bass) run up Delaware to spawn. They then pass through Philly. A herring run is also happening at the same time. You can fish here from the shore, pier, or boat.

Pennypack Park

Pennypack Creek can be found in the Greater Northeast area of Philadelphia. This spot is home to trout every spring season.

The creek is a tributary to the Delaware River. It runs from Huntingdon Valley through NE Philadelphia and ends at the river. The park has many fishing spots and pools.

Here you can catch bass, catfish, and carp, among other fish. Have fun with light tackle gear.

You can access the creek from many points. There is also parking in the parks.

Cobbs Creek

Cobbs Creek can be found at the border of Delaware County and West Philly. The creek runs 11 miles before joining the Darby Creek and dumping into the Delaware River. This creek is the place to be if you’re looking for carp fishing action. This creek is home to many mirror carp, which are very large.

Although it is a small creek, you can expect to catch many sunfish, catfish, and occasionally bass. This tributary is popular for its bait fishing.

FDR Park & Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake is more of a pond than a lake. It is located in FDR Park, which is in South Philly’s stadiums’ area. Surprisingly, this pond is home to everything: bass, carp, crappy fish, and even the invasive snakehead fish.

However, there is more than one body of water. There are at least five to six places you can fish, particularly if you add the pond on the golf course. This is my opinion, but you can still try your luck.

This lake is great for fishing with lures. If you can find areas that have current or cover, it’s worth trying tossing baits. This is the place for you if you enjoy catching fish with your family.

Philly Sewers

This may seem like a joke to you, but it is not. The sewers lead to the rivers, and the catfish know that people often dump a lot of food down the drains. It’s not called filthydelphia.

Mike Racanelli, a professional fisherman, did a publicity stunt by setting up a shop at a corner in downtown Philly to drop baits in the streets sewers. This video is absolutely hilarious.

Philly Fishing

You can learn more about Philly fishing spots, and where to go fishing, by visiting the Extreme Philly Fishing YouTube channel. You will find tons of information as he shows you the city and the various spots where fish can be caught.

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