Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Spinning Reel Review

Line capacity:6 lb./150 yards (mono).
Bearings 6 + 1 roller bearing
Gear ratio:5.2:1
Weight: 6.2 oz.
Maximum drag:6 lbs.

The MicroLite Elite spinning reel by Bass Pro is a winner in its price range. It’s not as light as the ultralight reels Shimano makes, but it’s still a fine reel at an affordable price.

Available at Bass Pro

Bass Pro Micro Lite Elite Review


The MicroLite Elite is a small reel that packs a lot of lines.

The line can carry 150 yards of mono 6 pounds, which is enough for most people. You can increase the line diameter to get more capacity. I would fish crappie and other panfish with a 4-pound test.


The MicroLite Elite delivers on its promise of a reel that is both high-quality and heavy.

The drag system can be found at the end of your spool. It is easy to use and adjust.

Bass Pro claims a maximum drag of 6 lbs. I tested the reel with a weight of 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds), and there was no slippage from the drag. This reel is close to the breaking strength of the mono I use on it, so I consider this impressive performance for an ultralight.

It’s as good as new if you let the drag loosen a little, reducing it to about a pound. This reel is very reliable. I have fished quite a lot with it. The drag is smooth and predictable with no abrupt stops or releases.

This drag is for ultralight tackle enthusiasts who are looking to push it to the limits. It can be spooled on a braid with high-tensile strength.

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You can see the reel’s underside and you will be able to tell that I am very familiar with it!

The usual tab beneath the reel activates the anti-reverse system. It is continuous and smooth when you turn the crank backwards, so it’s not possible to move the crank backwards even with one hair.


You’ll get the best spin reel performance if you pay attention to three things.

Proper spooling

Look closely at the line and spool in the photo above. Do you notice a problem?

It’s a good idea! You should! Because of their design, the spinning reel’s spool generates more friction than the less full it is. The line will slip past the edge of a spool and rub against it, taking distance from every cast.

Keep your spinning reels’ line at no less than 1/8 inch.

Memory for lines

With spinning tackle, memory can be a problem. You can reduce your memory by using flexible lines, changing your lines often, and taking the time to reload your reel now and again.

Pass your line across a tree branch or similar object and then hold your rod. Walk away until the spool is empty. You can apply a little pressure to your line with one hand and reel it in. Watch as it twists, unkinks, and so on.

For small-diameter lines, spinning reels can be used

The smallest diameter of the line for spinning reels is 10 pounds (monofilament). You can use a thicker braid but it will not make a difference in casting.

This little devil can cast with the best of them when properly spooled and paired with a good rod. It casts flawlessly with every cast, from small spoons to rooster tails to soft plastics and lives bait.


MicroLite Elite features a 5.2 to 1 gear

Ratio means that the spool spins 5.2 times for every turn of your crank. This gives a retrieve rate of approximately 23 inches per turn. This is quite standard for the ultralight tackle.

The crank has a rubber knob that feels soft and can be easily changed from right to left.

It runs smoothly and without problems. I have had no issues with it even after taking a few sips of saltwater. You should be able to clean it in freshwater.

Last Thoughts

Bass Pro’s Micro Lite Elite reel is a quality reel at an affordable price.

Available at Bass Pro

It’s not Shimano smooth but it has provided me with years of remarkable, trouble-free performance. It’s worth a shot, I guarantee you will feel the same.

Review the Bass Pro Micro Lite Spinning Rod

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