Best Tackle Box, Backpack, and Bags: Be An Organized Angler

My grandfather’s tackle chest was always messy. However, he would eventually find the right item, despite a lot of line and steel leaders. His pliers were so rusted that even a thorough soaking with WD-40 couldn’t get them moving.

It was largely due to the storage options that were available back then.

You’ll see what I mean: the tackle boxes of yesteryear. It featured a top-opening, telescoping compartment with a long, deep reservoir at the bottom. This was more useful for collecting random bits of junk than it was for organizing anything.

There are many better options for 2019 and we would love to help you choose the best tackle storage system.

It is up to you and your personal preferences which system works best for you. We’ve done our research and found that every product on this list has been a winner.

Best Tackle Bags

  • KastKing Tackle Bag “Hoss”
  • Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tack Bag
  • Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Best Tackle Backpacks

  • Calissa Offshore Tackle Blackstar
  • Mil-Tec Single Shoulder Strap 10L Backpack Tactical Assault Backpack
  • Backpack for Piscifun Fishing Tackle

Best Tackle Boxes

  • Plano Magnum Tackle Box
  • Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System
  • Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box With Dual Top Access

Review of the Best Tackle Box

Tackle boxes make a great choice for both at-home organizations and for anglers who require a lot of capacity or prefer traditional methods. Below are three styles that each address a different purpose.

Plano Magnum Tackle Box

Plano Magnum Tackle Box Double Side Sandstone/Green 1119, Premium Tackle Storage,Multi

Size13.5′ x 425′ x 1013 inches

Material plastic

Plano’s Magnum Tackle Box, which is basically a plastic storage container on steroids, is basically a plastic storage box. It organizes tackle for all kinds of adventures using the well-known double-sided system with see-through lids.

Magnum tackle boxes are about the same size as a lunchbox. They are easy to store and carry around on fishing trips. There are six compartments on each side, with three larger ones. This allows for all your fishing gear, from lures and hooks to extra spools or pliers, as well as six smaller ones.

However, most standard lines won’t work so make sure you are aware before you purchase.

It seals securely and is made of tough plastic. These are a classic design that has been around for years. If my experience is any guide, they can take quite a beating.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Easy to transport and lightweight


  • It is not as much storage as plastic tackle trays.

Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System

Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System- Includes 7 Stowaways, Fishing Tackle Storage, Premium Tackle Storage, One Size, Model Number: 787010


Size 23 x 12.25 inches

Material plastic

Plano’s Angled 787 Series Stowaway tackle box is the modern version. This product is designed to hold plastic tackle trays and have plenty of room for accessories.

Three Plano 2-3701 (included in the 787) are stored in the main compartment. They are orientated at a 15-degree angle to ensure they stay in place and have easy access. That’s quite a lot of storage. There is also space for a 2-3750 in a similar location, which gives you many options for crankbaits and worms.

These trays are hidden behind transparent doors so it is easy to see what trays are in each tray.

There are two doors similar to the main compartment. The space behind each door is sufficient for the 2-3601 and the 2-3650.

We have seven tackle trays if you keep track. We are confident that this much space will suffice for most fishing trips.

The lid storage is complemented by two see-through, latched compartments that can be opened. They’re perfect for everything you need, including spare hooks and spools. The lid opens to reveal an extensive tray with compartments that can be used for hemostats and pliers as well as gloves, gloves, line, and other items.

This tackle organizer is made from tough plastic and is a huge step up from the old tackle boxes. You’re ready for anything when you have everything loaded.

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  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Amazing storage space
  • Incredible volume


  • It’ll be heavy when fully loaded.

Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box With Dual Top Access

Plano 2-Tray Tackle Box with Dual Top Access, Blue Metallic/Off White, Premium Tackle Storage, 620206, One Size

Size 14.25 x 7.75 inches

Material plastic

We have included the Plano 2-Tray Tacklebox as a tribute to tradition. Although not the first choice for tackle organization and transport, some people still prefer this design.

This is most likely the original box you started with. The lid can be lifted to reveal a set of two telescoping trays. They move backward and are protected by the open lid. This is a significant improvement over the previous design and we love it.

Many compartments can be divided into different sizes and will hold everything you need, from soft plastics to lures to hooks. You can store everything you need, including a knife, leader, spools, and pliers. But, the bottom will be just like my grandfather’s. This is the.

The lid has two smaller pockets that can be used for keys and wallets, as well as other items you need to keep dry and safe.

The latch is strong and secure. The box is also easy to store and transport.

Overall, this configuration is good for traditionalists, but it won’t be very efficient.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Space is adequate for the area.


  • Although the bottom space is large, there are likely no dividers or organizers to make it easier.

The Best Tackle Bags

A tackle bag is a great option if you want to organize your tackle and have easy access from the top.

KastKing Tackle Bag “Hoss”

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags, Fishing Gear Bag, Saltwater Resistant Tackle Bag, Medium-Hoss(Without Trays, 15x11x10.25 Inches), Orange


Dimensions15 x11x10.25 inches

MaterialPVC backing on 420D ripstop nylon

KastKing’s “Hoss Tackle Bag” really impressed us. From its sturdy material to its ample storage, it’s clear why this product is our favorite.

This bag has excellent material quality. This bag will last for years of hardwearing durability. KastKing is meticulous about every detail.

KastKing’s PVC inner layer and hydrophobic coating will keep your bag’s interior dry. The bottom of this tackle bag has a non-slip waterproof coating that we are sure you will appreciate.

You’ll be surprised at how much storage you can store. There’s enough space to store seven Plano 3600s and enough terminal tackle for nearly any trip. You can fit six 3600s in the main compartment, horizontally or vertically. There’s also a zippered pocket on the top flap that allows you to see worms.

The exterior features seven large slip and zippered pockets.

This is a huge amount of storage space. It’s also efficiently sized, distributed, and organized.

This bag is a great choice for kayak fishermen and weekend trips to the lake.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • There is plenty of space
  • There are many places to find tools and accessories


  • You will need to buy storage boxes separately as the box does not come with it.

Okeechobee Fats Fisherman Deluxe Tack Bag

Okeechobee Fats Tackle Bag (Grey)


Dimensions13.5 x 13.8×10 inches

Material Polyester

The Okeechobee Fats bag is available in two sizes. We prefer the smaller one as it can hold most anglers’ gear. The bag comes with four Plano 3700s inside and plenty of room for additional options.

The Deluxe Tackle Bag, made from 100 percent polyester is quite strong, especially considering its price. This bag will last for many years thanks to its high-quality zippers and stitching. We have no complaints about the fit, finish, or materials of the carrying strap. It is comfortable and padded.

This tackle bag has enough space inside for at least five Plano3700s. You could also slip a few small plastic organizers in there depending on your needs. It’s large enough to hold a towel, lunch, or any other item, as well as plenty of space for more Plano boxes.

There are large zippered pockets at each end. This allows for Plano 3650 (though it is slightly smaller than the older model), fly box, or worm box. You can keep a spare line, pliers, and sunscreen safe and ready to go.

You can use the zippered inner pocket to store extra lines or packs of worms.

The Deluxe Tackle Bag also has handy attachments for tools, such as hemostats. A zippered pocket in the front can also hold an additional Plano3500. You can even get a hardshell sunglass case! Take a look at our top fishing sunglasses!

Overall, the bag is very affordable and a good choice for anglers who want a high-quality storage bag.

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  • Good materials
  • Good workmanship
  • There is plenty of space
  • There are many places to find tools and accessories
  • Four Plano 3700s included


  • The KastKing’s long-term durability is unbeatable

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag

Spiderwire Wolf Tackle Bag, 38.8-Liter, Black


Dimensions15.75 x 10.8x 8.2 inches

Material 1680D Polyester with PVC backing

Spiderwire’s Wolf Tackle Bag, a great addition to our list and a strong contender for our top pick. It’s packed with storage options and pockets, making it a great bag for anglers who are always on the move.

This is a 1680 denier polyester shirt with a PVC backing, similar to the KastKing “Hoss”. We think this nylon fabric will last a long time better than the lighter ripstop nylon, but it’s tough and durable. The construction quality is outstanding, and you will be impressed with everything, from the sippers to your carrying strap.

Spiderwire has put a lot into efficiency, and it’s evident immediately. The large central storage compartment can hold four Plano 3700s (included in the bag), enough to take on any fishing trip. The exterior is surrounded by four zippered compartments. In addition to the ample space, the two front compartments have accessory holders for hemostats or pliers. This is a wonderful touch.

The top flap has a zippered pocket that is ideal for worms.

These pockets are ideal for fly fishermen. There’s plenty of space for sunscreen, extra line, spare spools, and your wallet.

Final analysis, this product is comparable to the others on the shortlist. You get a lot for your hard-earned money.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • There is plenty of space
  • There are many places to find tools and accessories
  • Four Plano 3700s included


  • The KastKing is the most durable long-term product.

Review of the Best Tackle Backpack

Backpacks are great for anglers who require mobility and they are usually easier to transport than similar-sized bags.

Calissa Offshore Tackle Blackstar

The X-Large 'Blackstar' Fishing Backpack, Tackle Box Storage Bag - Non-Corrosive Fishing Tackle Bag with (4X) 3650 Boxes -Fisherman Gifts for Men, Tackle Backpacks Tackle Box (Includes Tackle Trays)

Weight:4.6 lb

Dimensions20 x 17×9 inches

Material Polyester

Calissa’s Offshore Tackle Backpack would be our choice for multi-day fishing adventures. The backpack has plenty of space to store your tackle and clothing. It also provides ample storage for food and accessories. Calissa also offers a 30-day “try before you buy” deal that is a testament to the backpack’s quality.

Although I don’t know what Calissa used in Offshore’s construction, I am certain it is strong and durable. Calissa claims the zippers can withstand saltwater corrosion. This is a big plus for anglers and worth considering.

The backpack is supported on deck by five plastic feet that keep it high and dry. The bag is well-padded and comfortable. I would be happy to hike a fair distance with it on my back.

It is very well-organized. The front-accessible tackle compartment can hold four Plano 3650s (included), or any other 3600 series box. It is well-equipped with ample storage.

There are two places for you to store pliers or hemostats near the top of your bag. You also have a hard shell sunglasses case.

The best thing about this backpack is its internal division. It allows you to store clothes, towels, or any other items near the top. There are two compartments and access points.

This backpack is a great choice if you are planning to go on a fishing trip for three days far away from home.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • There is plenty of space
  • There are many places to find tools and accessories
  • Internal storage is divided for clothes, etc.


  • ?? ??

Mil-Tec Single Shoulder Strap 10L Backpack Tactical Assault Backpack

Mil-Tec by Sturm Single Strap Assault Pack, Coyote, Small, 14059105

Weight:1.21 lbs.

Dimensions11.8 x 8.66x 5.11 inches

Material Polyester

This shoulder bag with a single strap is not influenced by the military. I have one and have used it for years. There have been no failures, problems, or regrets.

Mil-Tec’s Tactical Assault Backpack has many features that make it a great backpack for angling. It’s made from very durable, tightly woven polyester and can withstand brambles as well as barbed wire, sharp rocks, sticks, and other sharp objects. Its outstanding zippers and overall construction quality are also noteworthy.

When properly secured, the strap works well and offers all-day comfort on long treks. It’s my favorite angling backpack and I use it to access inaccessible streams. This backpack is almost as light as a regular angling pack, which is a huge selling point.

Even though it is small, it can hold a lot of tackles. With plenty of room, I can fit three Plano 3450-22s into the main compartment. There are three zip-up pockets on the exterior, which provide ample space for fly tackle, worms, and line.

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The large mesh pocket at the back holds a pair of thick work gloves (did I mention brambles?) It can also hold other essential items you need to be able to access immediately.

The interior also has two additional pockets, one zip-closed and the other with a Velcro strap. There are also pockets for soft plastics such as bags of worms or other soft materials.

This bag is a great choice for anglers looking for a small, efficient bag at a reasonable price.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • There is plenty of space
  • There are many places to find tools and accessories
  • Amazing price


  • You will need to provide your own tackle storage boxes

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack with 4 Trays Large Capacity Waterproof Fishing Tackle Bag with 4 Tackle Boxes and Protective Rain Cover Khaki

Weight:3.52 lbs.

Dimensions12.6 x 7.9x 17.7 inches

Material 1200D nylon

The Piscifun Fishing Tackle Backpack is an excellent choice for anglers looking for more storage than a smaller pack. Although it is not the best option for an expedition, it is great for co-anglers or anyone who requires a lot of gear and is easy to transport.

1200 denier nylon can be tough, so it’s no surprise that it’s durable. All stitching, zippers, and carrying straps are top-notch and the overall construction quality is exceptional.

As you would expect, the backpack from Piscinfun has plenty of storage. The main compartment can hold four Plano 3600s and is accessible from the front. Four of the manufacturer’s designs are included with the backpack. For a total of five, you can add one additional storage to the upper.

This is impressive and few anglers will need more. There are four large pockets on the exterior that can hold worms, wallets, phones, multitools, and pliers.

The upper flap has a clear zippered pocket that can be used to secure things you want to keep dry and clean.

The backpack comes with a rain fly made of plastic that will keep it dry in bad weather. This is a nice addition. Piscifun even included a drink holder that can be adjusted, which is a smart choice.


  • Excellent materials
  • Excellent workmanship
  • There is plenty of space
  • There are many places to find tools and accessories
  • Amazing rain fly


  • ???? ??

How to Choose the Best Tackle Bag, Backpack, or Box

Storage Efficiency

It’s not just about capacity.

Storage can be thought of in terms of efficiency. Do you have enough compartments and sizes to store all you need?

You will need to place large items such as hemostats, needle-nose pliers, spare lines, and even a spare spool. Are you able to quickly find what you need, or will you have to unpack and repack to get to the item you want?

You will have many options for storage solutions. These storage solutions will help you organize small storage containers and make sure all your essential tools are easily accessible.

Pure storage capacity is almost meaningless. A large plastic bin is the best option if it were.

Be sure the system you choose is right for you

Although it may seem obvious, you should think about this carefully.

A front-opening horizontal organizer such as the Plano Angled 787 Guide Series Stowaway Tackle System may be the best option for you if you fish from a boat that has lots of deck space or if you are fishing from a long pier.

This excellent tackle box will not be useful if you intend to cast flies at trout while hiking along the side of a mountain stream. You’d be better off with a smaller pack such as the Mil-Tec Single Shoulder Strap 10L Tactic Assault Backpack, or the Plano A-Series 2. Tackle Backpack.


My outdoor gear took a beating. I have tried many cheap backpacks that don’t even make it to fishing trips. One of my backpacks was damaged after a long trip on an ATV. The zipper was already beginning to separate and nearly every seam had failed.

You want to be able to take the elements’ knocks and bumps.

Last Thoughts

It’s much easier to organize your fishing gear now than it was in decades past. We hope this article has helped you find the right system.

You can find the right thing for you, whether you are looking to fish from the shore or launch a boat into the salt marsh to chase reds.

Leave a comment below. We would love to hear from yours!

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