Rigs for Trout Fishing: Spinning Tackle Options for Streams and Lakes

Fly rods are not the only option for trout anglers. Fans of spinning tackle shouldn’t feel excluded.

Ultralight spinning rods, and ultralight reels are far more effective than fly tackle in fighting large trout. They are also much easier to cast.

You can also lure trout with live bait and fly casting rigs.

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Get Ready for Trout Rigs

South Bend Slip Cast Spin Float

For anglers who want to use flies on their spinning gear, spin floats or “casting bubbles”, are the best choice.

You can simply fill your float with enough water so that you can cast and you are ready to go.

They are easy to use and affordable, making them a must-have for trout anglers.

South Bend Slip Cast Spin Float (Pack of 12), 1-3/4-Inch

Thill Crappie Corn

The Thill Crappie Cork makes a great slip float.

Don’t let its name fool you; while it was designed for slab hunters, trout anglers will tell you that it can buoy a worm, trout bait or egg at the right depth to entice strikes.

Thill Floats Crappie Cork, 1/4-Inch

Mimilure Soft Silicone Silicone Float Stops

Soft silicone float stops can be used easily and are reliable.

These are my preferred method of rigging a stop float, and I always have a few in my tackle bag no matter what day I’m fishing.

Mimilure 100 Pcs Rubber Fishing Bobber Stopper,6 in 1 Float Sinker Stops,Black Orange Oval Cylinder Float Stop Available (Black & Oval, M)

Mustad Classic Barbless Long Shank Bait Holder

Many trout water areas require that you catch and release the fish. In some cases, you will need to use a barbless hook.

Mustad makes a long shank baitholder that is perfect for trout.

Although I like a #8 hook, I have used it on occasion.

Mustad Classic Barbless Special Long Shank Beak Baitholder Hook with 2 Baitholder Barbs (Pack of 10), Bronze, Size 6

Gamakatsu Octopus Hook

If I intend to keep a few trout for dinner, (where it’s legal), I like to use a high-quality Octopus hook.

This style hook allows for better lock-ups and almost perfect positioning every single time.

Gamaktasu hooks are a brand that you can trust.

Gamakatsu 25 Pack Octopus Hook(Black, 8)


Eupheng Barbless Trout Hooks

Eupheng’s barbless hooks can be a great choice if you want a standard hook for a baitholder to run eggs or soft troutbaits.

They are sharp and just the right size to be a great addition to your angling toolbox.

Eupheng 100pcs Plus Best Barbless Competition Fly Fishing Hook Collection, Dry Nymph Strimp&Pupa, Pupa& Larva jig Fly Hooks High Carbon Competition Hook (Pupa Fly Hook & Larva EP-9254, 10#)

Jumping Fish #10 Barrel Swivels

Jumping Fish offers a number of sizes for your barrel swivels.

100pcs Fishing Barrel Swivel Extra Strong Ball Bearing Fishing Swivels Accessories Tackle (6#)

4# Stren Original

You don’t need to use expensive fly tippet for trout leader. Clear mono of 4 pounds is a great choice if you are looking for a leader to catch trout with fewer lines than your main line.

Stren Original

Step-By–Step Instructions: Best Trout Rigs to Spin Tackle

Slip Float Rig

The Slip Float Rig is a popular choice for all kinds of fish, including crappie and catfish.

This rig is very easy to assemble and allows for excellent casting. It also buoys your hook at a predictable depth.

Although some trout anglers still use red and white bobbers for their fishing, I can tell you that a slip flotation is a better choice.

The float is indestructible, so you can reel your line in and cast as normal. This allows for greater accuracy and distance than a red-and-white bobber.

The Slip Float Rig is ideal for lakes, streams, and sluggish rivers.

These steps will help you to assemble a Slip Float Rig.

  1. Attach a stopper to your main line.
  2. Slip a slip floating onto your line.
  3. Attach the hook you choose to the Uni Knot.
  4. You can wet the knot and tighten it. Then trim the tag at the end.
  5. To adjust the depth of your floating object, slide the float stop.

The Bottom Rig

Slip Float Rigs won’t work in faster water. That’s why I use an easy-to assemble Bottom Rig.

The Bottom Rig is ideal for fast streams and rivers. It can be used with floating baits such as those from Berkeley. Because of its sleek components, it is very difficult to get it stuck on sharp rocks or other debris. This makes it an excellent choice for situations where this might be an issue.

These are the steps to assemble a Bottom Rig.

  1. Attach a swivel using a Uni Knot to your main line.
  2. You can wet the knot and tighten it. Trim the end of the tag.
  3. You can cut approximately 24 inches of leader, either your main line or 4# mono.
  4. Use a Uni Knot to tie your leader to a swivel.
  5. You can wet the knot and tighten it. Trim the end of the tag.
  6. Attach the hook you choose to a Uni Knot.
  7. You can wet the knot and tighten it. Trim the end of the tag.
  8. Split shot: Crimp several split shots to your main line just below the swivel.

The Casting Bubble Rig

Casting bubbles was a new way to fish. I discovered them in Bosnia when I was just a teenager.

You can fill them with water in varying amounts to make your line weight enough to allow you to cast fly with a spinning rod. This will dramatically increase your chances of success.

Anglers may like to place flies behind the floating float, which is usually found at the end or the line.

Others will run the float about three to four feet from the end. Tie on some fly tippet or 4# mono and place the fly at either the end or the beginning.

Both styles have worked wonders for me, but I find the floating behind the flies to be the best.

These steps will help you assemble a Casting Bubble rig.

  1. Place your casting bubble on your main line.
  2. Attach a small barrels pivot using a Uni Knot
  3. You can wet the knot and tighten it. Trim the end of the tag.
  4. Take 24 to 36 inches off the leader.
  5. Attach one end of the leader using a Uni Knot to the barrel swivel.
  6. You can wet the knot and tighten it. Trim the end of the tag.
  7. Tie-on the fly you choose.

Last Thoughts

Fly tackle is often associated with trout fishing, but spinning tackle has a place in streams and lakes where these fish thrive.

We hope this article helped you to find the right trout rig for you spinning tackle.

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