Can Dogs Eat Trout?
Can Dogs Eat Trout?

Can Dogs Eat Trout?

Is Trout Good for Dogs

You love trout, and you can’t wait for every bite. What about your dog? He works hard by your side, keeping you company during long trout fishing trips, so it’s only fair that he should share part of the reward.

You don’t want to feed your dog anything that isn’t good for him. Let’s get to the bottom of this debate: Can dogs eat trout or not?

Raw Trout

According to the American Kennel Club, it’s not safe to feed dogs raw trout (or raw fish of any kind). There are two reasons why this is so:

  • Bacteria: Raw fish can contain harmful bacteria, which could make your dog sick with Salmonella and other diseases.
  • Fishbones: Small and fragile, fish bones can cause serious problems if they get lodged in the throat of your dog. You can get:
  • Choking
  • Perforated digestive tract
  • Perforated gums and mouth

It doesn’t matter if your dog has been fed trout before, but it is not worth the risk.

Trout cooked

Raw fish can cause diarrhea in dogs, but cooked fish is a good option for healthy canines.

How to select and prepare trout for your dog

  • Select fish that are low in mercury
  • De-bone and skin the fish
  • You should cook with very little oil, or none at all, as too much oil can lead to pancreatitis.
  • Use no spices

Talk to your veterinarian to determine how much fish you should feed your dog to maintain a balanced diet.

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