Can You Eat Goliath Grouper?

The Goliath grouper wasn’t available to fishermen for more than 30 years. This was due to overfishing in the 1970s/80s and the excessive number of juveniles being taken. These fish were valued for their size and food value back then. We can answer the question, “Can you eat Goliath grouper?”. However, it is illegal to catch them so they are not often on the menu.

Is Goliath Grouper good to eat?

The Goliath Grouper

The Goliath grouper is still a protected fish in the United States, so, unfortunately, you’re not able to keep this giant creature if you haul one up from the waters. This amazing fish can grow up to 800 pounds and eight feet in length. If you catch one, it will be very heavy. Some people believe that you could eat well for a whole year with one Goliath Grouper.

For several years, anglers in the U.S. tried to remove the Goliath grouper from the protection list. However, the 2018 attempt failed due to uncertainty over its remaining numbers. The judge agreed with scientists and divers who fought hard to protect the fish, but only temporarily. A new report could convince the judge that an extension to protected status might be justified. The fish have become a nuisance to fishermen, according to complaints.

Goliath Grouper:

Is it edible? Goliath grouper can also be found on menus in Cuba and other countries. Although it isn’t as tender as other fish, it is delicious in fish stew or chowder. The grouper can grow to huge sizes so we recommend a smaller fish for eating. The meat is less tough than the older groupers.

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What does Goliath Grouper taste like?

The Goliath grouper is similar to other types of grouper. It has a mild flavor with a sweet undertone. It is described as having a mild taste with a slightly sweet underlying flavor. Its sweetness is often compared with lobster or crab meat, which is why it is so sought-after. Goliath grouper is different from other fish because you get more meat.

The meat may be tougher or more rubbery because of the older Goliath groupers. To make sure it is tender, marinate the meat in saltwater for at least an hour. Then bake or fry it until it is well browned.

Raw Goliath Grouper

Most of the time, the Goliath grouper’s flesh is too tough to consume raw. It is therefore cooked and requires some time in a pan or pot to become tender enough to be eaten. One exception is made. In many Asian countries, bone marrow found in the vertebrae of a Goliath grouper is considered a delicacy. This jelly-like, raw meat is believed to boost the immune system.

If you aren’t planning to travel to a foreign country in the near future, chances are you won’t be able to enjoy a Goliath Grouper. However, if the U.S. lifts its ban on the humongous fish, then you will want to try the delicious meat. You can eat this fish for many meals, no matter how you prepare it!

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