Can You Eat Tarpon?

Do People Eat Tarpon

Tarpons are huge and a challenge for anglers. They are one of the most popular game fishes. You might catch a few tarpons while fishing for dinner.

You can cook almost any fish you catch in the wild so you may be asking yourself: Can you eat Tarpon? Before you decide whether to include tarpon in your menu, here are some things you need to consider.

Are Tarpon-eating People a Common Practice?

Tarpons can be eaten, but not everyone wants to due to their pungent smell and fishy taste. Most people don’t bother to catch one because it is difficult.

Some anglers insist on eating their first catch. Even if your first catch is a tarpon you’ll be glad to know you can still eat it. However, the lengthy preparation might make it taste bitter.

What does Tarpon taste like?

Many fish lovers compare the taste of Tarpon to other bonefishes. People who know the taste of tarpon agree that it is not necessarily sour. However, the inconvenience of picking through bones and stomaching the smell is often not worth it. Tarpon fish cakes, for example, use seasonings to enhance their flavor.

Is Tarpon edible?

Tarpons can be eaten, but they are not something you’ll find in a grocery store or a restaurant. Most people prefer to eat this fish without bones. To bring out the flavor of tarpon, you should poach it well before adding spices.

Can You Eat Tarpon Raw

Tarpon lives in both saltwater and freshwater areas. It is safe to consume raw fish from both saltwater and freshwater, but not everyone does. You won’t find it on the sushi bar menu.

It is safer to eat raw Tarpon if you can catch it from saltwater. Saltwater kills parasites and bacteria naturally on the skin making it safer to eat. Any parasites that remain in tarpon can be destroyed by freezing them before eating. A raw tarpon can be eaten safely if it is frozen at least one day before you eat it.

Is Tarpon safe to eat?

Tarpon can be eaten at a temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the safest way. Parasites that can spread foodborne diseases will be destroyed if they are cooked all the way through.

You will need to remove the meat from the bones using your hands during the poaching and demeaning process. You should be careful as a single tarpon may have many bones.

Tarpon can be eaten, but it isn’t worth the effort of deboning and catching. Tarpon is more often seen as a gamefish than a food fish. You can decide whether you want to keep the tarpon or release it. You might prefer to choose a fish that is easier to cook, like salmon, if you are hungry for fish and want to eat it.

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