Ok, it's time to jump right in and learn about the fly tying tools you'll need to have in order to get started tying flies. This is not an all-inclusive list of all the fly tying tools you'll ever need. This is simply a list of tools that will get you started and will [...]

  Saltwater anglers know that many of the most prized species hunt the bottom, especially in the shallower water most of us fish. And even offshore in waters like the Gulf of Mexico, where there is plenty of sun to keep the food chain humming, you’ll find big grouper, fat snapper, and sharks in abundance [...]

  Any angler worth his or her salt knows the ins and outs of the tackle they use. But most of us fish one or two types of fishing reel, maybe three if you work the hard water or cast flies. But do you know them all? Can you tell the difference between a centerpin [...]

  Tying into a monster catfish is a heart-pounding experience, and you want to know that the fishing line you’ve spooled on your reel can take the heat. When you’re hunting murky water for a big blue, you don’t need excellent sensitivity or super long casts, but you will appreciate awesome shock strength, incredible knot [...]

  Spinning reels are essential tackle for every angler. From their wind-busting ability to cast to their simplicity to use, it’s easy to see why. And whether you chase bluegill on your local lake, catfish in a slow-moving river, or specks and reds in the surf, you’ll find that a spinning reel will quickly become [...]

  Plenty of catmen swear that the best bait for catfish is nothing more complicated than a box of old chicken livers, and years of experience has proven that they’re not wrong! But if you want to improve your odds, increase your catch, or land some brute blues, chicken liver is probably not your best [...]

  If there is a single point of argument-starting contention, it’s fishing line choice. And choosing the best line for surf fishing isn't the easiest of things. Some surf anglers swear by braided superlines. Others choose monofilament. And while I’ve yet to run into someone running fluorocarbon as main line, I’ll bet they’re out there! [...]

  If you’re new to kayak fishing we’d like to offer you a big welcome! A kayak is my personal favorite fishing platform, and I’ve snuck my ‘yak into places no power boat will ever reach, landing big bass and monster reds. Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two - often the hard [...]

  Among walleye anglers, the bottom bouncer rig is rightly famous as the ideal trolling method to produce trophy fish. A properly rigged bottom bouncer, armed with a slow death spinner, is simply amazingly effective. A simple design with complex consequences, the better you understand this exceptional rig, the more fish it will produce for [...]

  Largemouth are America’s #1 game fish for a reason, and the heart-pounding excitement of fighting your first 10-pounder will hook you for life! But with increased fishing pressure, busier lives, and less time to spend on the water than we’d like, tackle choice is critical to make the most of every opportunity. And among [...]