If you’re in the market for a fishing cooler, you’re probably asking if the premium price tags on high-end coolers are worth it. The answer is probably yes. With durability that promises decades of all-season performance, premium fishing coolers are a breathtaking initial expense that makes long term financial sense. Spend a little more [...]

  Sucker Fish Silver Redhorse (suckerfish) Background Information Ever wonder what kind of fish ends up on your line when you're targeting walleye? Well, that mystery fish may be the infamous Silver Redhorse or most commonly known as a suckerfish. Like walleye these fish tend to be located in deep fast moving water. Fast moving [...]

  Ocean City occupies an ideal spot on the barrier islands sheltering mainland Maryland from the Atlantic. Within easy driving distance of Washington, D.C. and its airport, it’s an awesome destination for the fishing adventure of a lifetime. From tournaments famous the world over to legendary locations for bluefish and sharks, Ocean City’s fishing charters [...]

  I’ve done an awful lot of fishing from the bank, and most anglers I know have, too. And while it can sometimes feel like you're missing out--that if you only had a boat, you could fish that perfect spot that’s unreachable from shore--the truth is that fishing from the bank doesn’t need to be [...]

Home Fishing Apparel Fishing Pants Best Fishing Pants: Options for Every Climate and Season Last Updated: June 29th, 2021 SHARE:   Good fishing pants are essential, whether you wear them to protect you from the summer’s sun or the winter’s cold. Tough and easy wearing, the best options provide the protection you need while still [...]

  Catfishing is a time-honored tradition in many parts of the country. While grabbing a few packs of chicken livers or some hotdogs from the local store is the way many people prepare to catch some kitties, we’d like to help you improve your game a bit more than that and give you some solid [...]

  In contrast to many other knots, the Perfection Loop or Angler’s Loop is useful well beyond fishing. A favorite of climbers and other outdoor enthusiasts who need a fast, fool-proof method for producing a secure loop, the Perfection Loop is a must-know knot. And for fly anglers, this is nothing short of an essential. [...]

  While there are tons of spinning reels on the market, very few are designed for the salt, and fewer still are available in sizes that can handle bull reds or small sharks. For that kind of performance, the pickings get pretty slim, and only a handful of companies really offer the goods. If you’re [...]

  Die-hard anglers know that foul weather can mean great fishing, and a little rain and wind won’t keep them off the water. They do this with the help of the best rain gear for fishing But to make the most of the action a front can bring with it, you need outerwear that can [...]

  From wind-bucking casts to bomb-proof durability, heavy surf-casting models to tiny ultralights, more and more anglers are recognizing the advantages of spinning tackle. Built tough enough for the likes of shark and marlin, perfectly at home when fighting catfish or pike, and ideal for panfish of all kinds, spinning reels are up to any [...]