Tweet Share Share Pin Montana is home to some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring scenery in the whole country. It is home to two of the most famous national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone. If there is one thing that you can do all year round in Montana, it’s fish. Even when the weather starts [...]

Tweet Share Share Pin Lake Bomoseen is famous for considerable angling trips. Anglers considering hiring the best fishing guide for Lake Bomoseen should browse this review below.   Green Mountain Fishing Guide Service 802-446-3375 Whether you are a seasoned angler, new to the central Vermont lakes region, or simply in search of a [...]

  There are fish--and then there are catfish. And as any hardcore catman can explain, tying into a big blue or flathead is an exhilarating experience that’ll test your rod, reel, line, and hook like almost nothing else. Some say catfishermen are a different breed, but one thing’s certain: a good catfish rod and reel [...]

  From bright sun to errant hooks, fishing is harder on your eyes than the price of a new boat. If you’ve taken to the water without sunglasses, you know exactly what we mean. And as any optometrist can tell you, it’s unwise in the extreme to neglect quality eye protection, and plenty of ER [...]

  Talk to any experienced angler, and you’ll quickly realize that the right rod plays a huge role in their success. In fact, a good rod, quality line, an excellent reel, and the right lures are nearly as important as raw skill and know-how. But there’s an old adage about lures that applies to rods [...]

  Spring is in the air, and for many anglers, that means one thing: crappie fishing! As you gear up for the start of crappie season or re-assess your tackle after a few trips to the water, you might be wondering about the best crappie rod and reel combos designed specifically for slab-hunting. Combos are [...]

  If there’s a better place for a fishing adventure than Carolina Beach, I’d like to know where it is! Located on the Atlantic just south of Wilmington, N.C., Carolina Beach offers year-round angling excitement provided by experienced charter captains and their crews. With the warm, nutrient-rich Gulf Stream just offshore, opportunities for trophies are [...]

  Ok, it's time to jump right in and learn about the fly tying tools you'll need to have in order to get started tying flies. This is not an all-inclusive list of all the fly tying tools you'll ever need. This is simply a list of tools that will get you started and will [...]

  While most anglers chase catfish in the hazy, lazy days of summer, die-hard catmen know that all four seasons offer their own abundance, and that with the possible exception of the spawn in late spring/early summer, there’s great catfishing to be had year-round. That doesn’t mean that peak seasons can’t be identified for each [...]