Longnose Gar caught on a white and yellow streamer. Fly fishing for longnose gar not only offers an opportunity to target an oddball fish, but it’s also tons of fun! These prehistoric fish readily take most fly presentations and put up a good fight as well. I’m honestly surprised it’s not more popular. Most gar [...]

What is a trout set? What is a strip set? Well, they’re both distinct techniques used to set the hook while fly fishing. Okay, but what is the difference between a trout set and strip set? Let’s go over these details, and also talk a bit about when to use each method. First, let’s look [...]

  Credit goes to daniel_w_gibson for the photo. Do Bass eat snakes? Turns out they do! Ever see a snake swimming across the water? Despite most snakes being accomplished swimmers, they look pretty vulnerable, don’t they? I’ve always thought there’s no way an opportunistic fish like a bass could pass up such an obvious meal. [...]

4 Great Fly Fishing Video Games by Ben Fly fishing video games are few and far in-between. Even though there are hundreds of fishing games on the market right now, very few have a fly fishing component. Games that are dedicated to fly fishing specifically are even less common. Luckily, we’re in a golden age [...]