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Lake DeGray Fishing Guides

Dale Hollow Lake Fishing Guides

Dale Hollow Crappie Guide

One of the most memorable experiences you’ll ever have is fishing for largemouth bass at Dale Hollow Lake. Fishing with a professional guide can make your trip more exciting and help you find the fish. While there are many reasons anglers hire guides, the main reason is to catch more fish with them.

Dale Hollow is known for its outstanding fishing trips. This review will help you find the best fishing guides in Dale Hollow.

Bobby Gentry

Bobby Gentry and Ed Harp have created Fishing Dale Hollow Lake: A 12-month guide for anglers. The book includes seven species of fish and a guide for selecting lures, tackle, and understanding how they move. They also give you specific locations in the lake where to search for fish during each month.

StriperFun Guide Services

Striper fishing in Lake Cumberland KY. Laurel Dam Trace. Kentucky Muskie Charters. Striper charters in TN along the Cumberland River. Tims Ford Lake. Cherokee Lake. Norris Lake. Percy Priest. Sauger trips on the Clinch River. Walleye, Crappie, and Musky trips on Dale Hollow.

Kickin’ Bass Guide Services

Denton Hummel offers a Kickin Bass Guide Service at Dale Hollow Lake. Denton Hummel, Denton’s father, was raised on Dale Hollow Lake. He has fished this lake his entire life. Denton has been actively fishing tournaments for over 25 years. Night fishing is his favorite. On beautiful Dale Hollow Lake, he hopes to offer his customers an unforgettable fishing experience.

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Dale Hollow Trophy Tromper

The world-famous Dale Hollow Lake is home to the world’s largest smallmouth bass. “Dale Hollow Dave”, also known as the Trophy Specialist, can help you fish the lake. With Dale Hollow Lake’s top charter service, you can fish for trophy smallmouth bass and walleye as well as muskellunge (also known as “muskie” or simply “musky”), white, spotted bass, Largemouth Bass, crappie, channel catfish, and rainbow trout.

Bobby Gentry Guide Service

Andrew Robertson, the owner, and operator of Smalljaw Guide Service consider Dale Hollow Lake his second home. Andrew dedicates himself to helping his customers fish Dale Hollow Lake. Andrew is a specialist in smallmouth fishing and the tackle that can be used to catch big small jaws.

Rainbow Guide Service

Rainbow Guide Service was established in 1990. These waters have been our home for many years. Over 20 years of Guiding experience. The beautiful Cumberland River is the perfect place to go for great striper and trout fishing. There are miles and miles of world-class trophy water. The Cumberland River offers striper fishing that you won’t want to miss. Dale Hollow Lake offers some excellent smallmouth fishing. It is home to the world’s record for smallmouth bass.

Trophy Fishing in Kentucky and Tennessee

You will fish with the most knowledgeable and friendliest fishing guides you’ll ever meet, thanks to over 40 years of experience on the Cumberland River and Dale Hollow Lake.

Fishing Creek Ventures, LLC

Fishing Creek Ventures, LLC was founded in 2017 by Captain Steve Spitzer, a guide service that specializes in bluegill and crappie catching.

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