Do Bass Eat Snakes?

Is it true that bass devour snakes? It turns out that they do!

Do Bass Eat Snakes?

Bass Eat Snakes – Have you ever seen a snake swimming across a body of water? Despite the fact that most snakes are excellent swimmers, they appear to be somewhat vulnerable, don’t they? I’ve always believed that an opportunistic fish like a bass would never pass up such an easy meal.

Yes, yes they do.

Snake fishing lures are available on the market. They successfully imitate a snake swimming across the surface of the water. The Savage Gear 8′′ Floating Snake (Amazon Link) is one of the better hard-bodied snake lures available (although there aren’t many to select from).

This snake lure has been shown to capture bass.

The trouble about fishing snake lures is that the bite can come and go. A snake lure is more likely to capture fewer but larger fish than other more traditional lures.

Non-snake-specific lures can also be used to resemble a snake swimming over the water. Although it isn’t an exact match, it still catches bass. If you make a weedless plastic worm, it can swim along (or just below) the water’s surface and imitate a snake.

Although most plastic baits aren’t completely buoyant, they can be kept on the surface. This setup is fished by keeping your rod tip high (not exactly vertical, but near) and reeling in quickly enough to prevent the lure from sinking.

When and where should a snake lure be fished for bass?

Topwater fishing at dawn, dusk, and night is more productive for all types of topwaters. However, as shown in the video above, this lure also works in the middle of a relatively sunny day.

Snakes become more active during the warmer months of the year. The more active snakes are, and the more snakes you’ll see swimming across the water, the hotter it gets. Snake lures are most effective at this period. This would be July and August in my location. The more south you go, the longer the effective months will be.

This lure is designed for largemouth bass rather than smallmouth bass, and the water you should fish it in reflects that. Because snakes rarely swim in fast currents, consider fishing this bait in slack water where you think bass might be holding. Fishing a snake lure along weed lines, by downed trees, and along coastal drop-offs are all nice places to try.

Bass will consume a variety of reptiles, not just snakes. It’s common knowledge that they consume lizards and turtles (the precise species people are referring to is usually an amphibian). Only what fits in that large bucket mouth of theirs limits the diet of a bass. They devour things that are not only larger than you may expect, but also smaller than you might suppose.

Snakes aren’t the only ones who eat them.

Honestly? The majority of predatory fish species large enough to consider one a meal.

Pike and musky spring to mind when I think of fish in my area. The Esox (Pike and their cousins) genus is very predatory, and most adequately sized creatures will be eaten. Given how much fun topwater fishing for pike is, a snake lure would be a great way to catch these fish.

Snakes are eaten by fish that you wouldn’t believe would consider a snake a food. Consider this brook trout, which has a half-digested snake dangling from its mouth.

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