Do Striped Bass Have Teeth?

Do Striped Bass Have Teeth?

Striped Bass are also known as linesiders or rockfish and are one of the most sought-after fish that anglers can catch. They live in lakes and rivers throughout the United States.

You might wonder if striped bass has teeth if you want to fish for this trophy fish.

Fish teeth are one of the most frequent causes of injury when fishing. They often slice open the fingers or hands of unaware fishermen. You should be aware of the potential dangers that fish teeth could cause to your health when handling them.

The lips of striped bass are home to tiny rows of inward-facing teeth. These teeth are not designed to kill or maim prey like a shark’s. They are designed to grab their target bait and force the smaller fish to their throats to digest them.

How should I handle a bass with teeth?

If you aren’t careful, your bass teeth could cause minor injuries. You can avoid this by properly handling striped bass after they have been taken out of the water.

The striped bass is larger than most freshwater species. However, their teeth are usually about the same size as other freshwater fish. As the fish grows, the size of the fish will increase. It’s easy to lip-feed a bass and not hurt its teeth. Problem is that when the teeth grow larger and can wiggle in your hands, they become more like rough sandpaper. To avoid injury, it might be better to buy a pair of good fish grippers.

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