Hooked on Flies

Hooked on Flies

Hooked-OnFlies.com, a website dedicated to fly fishing for beginners, is an educational site that teaches novices and fly fishermen alike. We hear it time and again from novice fly fishermen: “How intimidating is fly fishing?” Fly fishing doesn’t have to be scary if you approach it correctly.

This Fly Fishing for Beginners site is designed to help beginners and even novice fly fishermen navigate a simple course in fly fishing. They will learn the basics of fly fishing and the equipment they need so that they can make informed decisions before buying anything. We’ll then dive in to learn how to assemble and use fly fishing knots.

If you are a true fly fishing enthusiast like me, then you might want to continue the cycle and learn how to tie your own flies. Fly tying 101 will be covered if you are interested. The fly tying basics will be covered. Next, we will discuss the materials and tools needed. Finally, we’ll look at the most popular flies for trout and a chart of hatches. Before I started fly tying my own flies, I had no idea what fly fishing was. I hope everyone who visits this site will take up fly tying or at least attempt it. It’s a wonderful winter activity that I find very relaxing, fulfilling, and enjoyable. Nothing beats catching a trout on an imitation you tie yourself. This is Fly Fishing 101 simplified and/or Fly Tying 101.

This fly fishing site for beginners has been organized so that anglers can navigate through each link one by one, starting at the top and moving down. Novices, and others can choose the area that they want to learn more about. Although this is not an exhaustive list, I have tried to provide enough information to help people get started in this amazing sport. Fly fishing is something I love and am passionate about. From the thrill of seeing a lunker fly off my fly line, to watching the beautiful, sleek trout fly away from my fly line, to the privilege of being able to help other anglers.

This fly fishing for beginners website is intended to be a resource hub for information about fly fishing. It will include fly fishing tips and techniques, a hatch chart to help you fish in the streams of Pennsylvania, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-Atlantic, as well as fly fishing etiquette and resources. Links to fly fishing sites, fly rods and reels, clothing, and other gear are also available.

Lewis Mark is a vastly experienced fly fisher. His encyclopedic knowledge of fly tying has led to start blog on fishing. He also review Fishing equipment based on his knowledge and experience.