How Fast Do Striped Bass Grow? 

How fast does striped bass grow?

How fast does striped bass grow? – Striped bass are never satisfied with their current size. Although stripers usually reach maturity around the age of 1-2 years, they can still grow in size and weight up to the end of their lives.

Progression of Striped Bass Growth

Striped bass can be a large fish. Striped bass can grow to as high as 5 feet in length and reach 80 pounds at the end of their lives. The growth rate of striped bass is rapid in the first five to ten years. However, it slows down as they age. They live for around 30 years.

  • Striped bass can reach 12 inches in length and weigh approximately 2 pounds during their first year.
  • The second largest growth spurt is between 1-5 years old, when they can double their size to exceed 24 inches and quadruple their weight to over 8 pounds.
  • At 5 years old, the growth rate of striped bass slows down. They can grow up to three pounds each year and add approximately two inches to their height.

Growth factors for Striped Bass

Two factors are key to determining how big striped bass will grow: gender and whereabouts.

Males are heavier and larger than females. The more eggs a female can produce, the bigger she is. A female can produce approximately 200,000 more eggs for every 2 pounds she puts on.

Saltwater-living striped bass can be twice as big as those that are never exposed to freshwater. Hybrid striped bass are smaller than striped white bass and usually weigh less than 20 pounds.

Depending on the location you fish, there may be restrictions on how many fish you can keep.

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