How Long is Bluefin Tuna Season?

How Long is Bluefin Tuna Season?

Tuna has been a popular fish species to target. It’s both fun to catch and delicious. How do you catch tuna?

The tuna fishing season usually ends in the middle of winter. The average tuna fishing season for the northeastern United States begins in June and ends in November. However, August and September are the best months to catch tuna.

The severity of the winter in the previous season will also affect your tuna fishing experience. You can fish in June if it’s mild. If the winter was harsh, the tuna fishing season will start later in July.

How long is the Tuna Season?

Tuna is a highly sought-after species of fish in the United States of America. The fishing season usually lasts for six months. However, for some anglers, six months seems insufficient. Many anglers desire a longer session for a variety of reasons. Tuna fishing offers anglers an exciting experience and the chance to chase their dreams. Tuna meat is a favorite of seafood lovers.

Tuna are warm-blooded. This means they can be active in low temperatures, unlike other cold-blooded species. The length of the tuna fishing season varies from one state to another. Let’s look at the lengths of tuna fishing season in different states.


Sunshine State is known as the fishing capital. It doesn’t have a long tuna fishing season, which is not surprising considering its reputation. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to achieve great success throughout the year. From May through September, are the best months to fish for tuna.


Louisiana offers tuna fishing all year. You can find tuna fish at different times of year in the Pelican State’s wide variety of water bodies. You will also find many tuna species, including yellowfin, bluefin, and blackfin.


The tuna fishing season begins in July and ends in September in California. The best time to fish is during these months because of the warm weather. Get onboard a boat, and fill up your buckets. Even if the prime time is not available, you can still fish as early as April or as late as November.


The tuna fishing season in northeastern states such as Maine and Massachusetts can run from June to November depending on the weather. Along with other species, you can also catch Atlantic bluefin tuna off of the east coast. Tuna season is August-September in this area.

Last Thoughts

The tuna fishing season can last for a few months. However, when it ends and begins will depend on where you live and how the weather is. To prepare for the tuna season, stock up on the best tuna lures!

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