How Much Does Striped Bass Cost Per Pound?

How Much Does Striped Bass Cost Per Pound?

How Much Does Striped Bass Cost Per Pound? – Striped bass fish is white with flaky flesh. It is sweet and briny with a slight buttery taste. It is often compared to cod, however, striped bass has an even delicater texture.

This is a tasty fish, but how much does striped bas cost per pound?

What is the Price of Striped Bass Per Pound?

Striped bass can be purchased for between $15 and $25 per pound. A 11-pound fish costs just $215 at New York’s Fulton Fish Market. The average price for a pound is $20, which includes the bones and head.

What is the cost of striped bass without bones and head? Striped bass fillets should cost you around $20 per pound.

Striped Bass Commercial Fishing Season

Striped bass can be caught by recreational anglers in the fall and summer seasons. While regulations vary from state to state, anglers are allowed to fish between May and June in the summer season, and September and December in the fall season.

The recreational angler can catch one striped bass per day but cannot sell it.

States set a separate fishing season and close commercial fisheries once they reach the quota. Massachusetts established a 2020 striped bass quota at 735,240 pounds.

As some states reach their quota, prices may rise at the end. Striped bass becomes more difficult to find.

Last Thoughts

It’s funny, but fishing for striped bass can cost more per pound than buying it in the shop. Sometimes we don’t catch any fish, or spend money on fuel, bait, lures and travel. It’s not about the pound. For us, it’s the experience of fishing that is most important.

Although striped bass is more costly than some other species such as cod, salmon or tilapia it’s still a good deal considering you are buying wild fish and not fish raised in fish farms.

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