How to Tie the Alberto Knot?


The Alberto Knot was designed by Alberto Knie in the early days of braided super lines. It is an excellent choice to join a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader with a slender braid.

Alberto is strong and reliable. It uses 14 loops to provide friction and compression. This allows the braid to grip like a 600-pound gorilla.

The FG knot is still stronger and a bit slimmer than the Alberto, which makes it a better choice for connecting braids to a leader. a lot is easier to tie well. This makes a big difference in real life, where a simple-to-tie tie will often be better than a harder option that’s “rated as stronger”.

How to tie the Alberto Knot

  1. To form a small eye, loop your leader.
  2. Pass the tag end through your braid and tie it in the leader.
  3. Your braid should be looped 7 times.
  4. Your braid should be looped back over these loops and run back to your leader 7 times. This second layer of loops should be placed over the first.
  5. Pass the tag end through the loop/eye of your leader.
  6. You can tie your knot by tying it.

Why Rely on the Alberto Knot

  • Strong –It can be difficult to connect braid to a leader. Alberto does a great job. It’s an ideal tool for this task because it was designed specifically for it.
  • Simple –The Alberto is a simple knot to tie and is easy to create. For anglers, this knot is much easier than the FG.
  • Slim –The FG is a little more trim than the Alberto, but it’s no slouch.

The Alberto Knot: What’s not to love?

The Alberto is a good choice for FG. However, it is generally weaker than FG.

Saltstrong’s tests on 10 lb PowerPro braid and 30 lb Ande fluorocarbon showed that the FG was about 30% stronger than the Alberto. This is a significant difference that deserves careful consideration.

This is just one example of a head-to-head. Other lines could produce different results. However, if you look at the FG as a knot, it should be a little stronger. Your mileage may vary.

Also, the FG is a little slimmer which allows it to pass through your rod’s guide more easily. This is especially important for bass fishing, which has a small guide diameter.

The Alberto Knot in Braid and Fluorocarbon

The Alberto knot is made around the braid and, as you would expect, allows the Spectra and Dyneema super lines of fibers to compress and grip.

Although the braided line is extremely strong in diameter, scientists and engineers call it a “low coefficient for friction.” This means that they are not able to grip themselves well and will pull away from knots made around nylon monofilament.

To solve this problem, there are many more points of contact that create friction and pressure. Alberto is the perfect solution. Each loop is a huge surface area. When pressure is applied to the knot each loop narrows down creating tight compression.

This allows Alberto’s grip to be good. It is a great choice for connecting braided mainline to fluorocarbon leader or monofilament leader.

What Happens When Alberto Knots FAIL?

The Alberto is a strong knot that’s very easy to tie. Although there are stronger knots, they can be difficult to tie. If you do not do an excellent job, it’s unlikely that they will pull their full strength.

The Alberto is my favorite. It is much simpler to tie than the stronger knots making it an excellent choice in real life.

However, it can also fail. These are the most common causes.

  • Tie the knot in a frayed or damaged string the line is not tied properly, no knot will stay in place. You should always inspect your line for frays and nicks. It’s safer to cut and discard than to risk a failure on a large fish.
  • You don’t need to tie your knot before you can pinch. Your knots must be able to move easily to bond well. Without a little lubricant, this is not possible.
  • Not overlapping your loops –The Alberto relies on your loops being overlapping when you run back to your leader. Your knot will not pull if they aren’t overlapping.
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