KastKing Sharky III 3000 – Best Overall
KastKing Sharky III 3000 – Best Overall

Kastking Sharky III Review

Kastking Sharky III Review 2021

The KastKing sharky III spinning reel is a great choice if you’re looking for a powerful and impressive spinning reel. The KastKing Sharky III spinning reel can catch all trophy fish regardless of fishing conditions. The reel is made from lightweight materials and reinforced parts to ensure that it’s durable and comfortable.

This powerful spinning reel can pull 39.5 pounds of carbon fibre drag. This reel also features a stainless steel main shaft and mesh manganese-brass pinion gears that provide more fishing power. The retrieval process is extremely smooth. The Shark Fin Braid Ready aluminum strip doesn’t require backing line for braiding fishing lines.


Meet the KastKing Sharky 3

The KastKing sharky III’s KISS protection keeps it durable. KISS stands for KastKing Intrusion Shield System. This system makes sure that the spool and body are water-resistant.

The KastKing Sharky III has many other features. These include a salt water safe ball bearing, an aluminum handle and many more. In the next section, we will discuss the features more in detail.

Technical Specifications

  • Model: 3000
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2.1
  • BB: 10+1
  • Max Drag: 33.0 Pounds
  • Mono Line Capacity: 8/220
  • Braid Line Capacity – 30/220
  • Weight: 9.2 oz.
  • Retrieve: Left/Right


The KastKing sharky III is extremely lightweight, powerful, durable, as we have already stated. We want to now take a moment to examine the constant features of this fishing reel.

The KastKing sharky III’s high density EVA grips is a nice feature. These grips provide slip-free control of the reel regardless of the conditions. These grips allow you to keep your spinning true, even when it is very wet or the fish pulls.

The KastKing Sharky 3 comes with an exquisite Shark Fin Braid Ready Spool. This spool eliminates the need to back. It also prevents braid from slipping. This makes fishing much more enjoyable as it eliminates snags.

We’ll be looking at the Anti-Twist Line Roller as our last major feature. The KastKing sharky III has a twist-free roller that prevents line tangles.

All Features

  • Anti-Twist Line Roller
  • Aluminum spool with braided fishing line
  • EVA grips
  • Precision manganese brass alloy gear
  • Bearings made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Triple disc carbon fiber drag
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The KastKing sharky III is a fishing reel that offers a lot more than other basic models. Let’s take a moment to look at a few.

The KastKing sharky III fishing reel is extremely versatile and can withstand almost any environment. This product is ideal for all types of fishing, so you will get the most out of it.

The KastKing sharky III can be used in saltwater conditions. It was specifically made to withstand salt water and it lives up to that promise. It is extremely durable and won’t corrode from saltwater. This is an important benefit, as many reels that claim to be saltwater-safe are not very durable.

The KastKing sharky III’s feel is another big plus. It is actually one of our favorite reels for its price. Casting and reeling are easy, smooth, and balanced. This makes fishing enjoyable.

The last thing that makes this reel a great fishing reel is its cost. It is one of the best fishing reels available, but it is not cheap. This reel is an excellent way to save money and still get a durable, long-lasting, effective fishing reel.

All Pros

  • Multifunctional
  • Safe for saltwater
  • Durable
  • Feels silky smooth
  • Affordable


All good things have to come to an end. This includes our discussion on the KastKing sharky III. We were pleased overall with this reel. However, there are a few drawbacks.

The reel’s smoothness does decrease with time, most notably. Although it won’t completely break, the reel will lose its smoothness with time, especially if it is used in saltwater environments.

The 5000 is also very small. The 5000 is just slightly smaller than the 2000. If you require a fishing reel with a 5000-level level of performance, you should consider a different brand. This reel is also available in other sizes.

The last problem is the customer service. No matter how complicated your question about the product, it is hard to reach someone who can help.

All Cons

  • Smoothness decreases with time
  • 5 000 is small
  • Poor customer service
  • It is not the most durable on the market

Kastking Sharky III Review – You need a reel that is reliable and affordable, no matter if you are fishing for food, fun, or work.

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The KastKing model is well-respected for its high-quality fishing reels. They are widely regarded as some of the most popular fishing products on the planet.

Because of their simplicity, spinning reels are very popular among anglers of all kinds. You just need to flip the bail and place your finger on the braided fishing line. Then, you can cast the line, close the bail, then give the handle a turn and reel it in.

Continue reading to see our review of Kastking Sharky Baitfeeder iii – one of the most popular spinning reels on the market for 2021.

Review of KastKing Sharky 3 Fishing Reel

Although the KastKing Sharky 3 was launched in 2018, it is still one of the most popular reels available in 2020. This reel will keep fishing as enjoyable and hassle-free as it used to be.

The Sharky III is a vast improvement over the Sharky II and Sharky II models. It will work in almost any fishing environment. It’s true that the third time is the charm.

The KastKing quality reel comes with K.I.S.S (KastKing Intrusion Shield System) protection. This unique protection system protects the reel’s spool, body and rotor from damage by water and dirt. It will ensure that the product lasts longer.

The III was specifically designed to be durable and smooth in almost any fishing environment. This reel can be used for pier fishing, shore fishing at seaside, or stream fishing.

You will enjoy a smooth fishing experience thanks to the 10 high-quality, double-shielded stainless steel shielded bearings.

It is the worst thing when braid fishing line becomes tangled. You have to try to untangle it by getting your hands cold and wet. KastKing offers an anti-twist roller to make fishing easier. This reduces the chance of line tangles or snarls.

The grips ensure that you have complete control over the reel, even in the most challenging conditions. You will have a smooth fishing experience with the high-density EVA gloves.

Are you more inclined to catch the larger fish? Are you looking to break a record? This reel is ideal for larger fish. This reel can be loaded with a super-strong system that weighs up to 39.5 pounds.

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You can choose from sizes 1000-5000 to get brute force to catch big fish that won’t want to go.

You’ll be amazed at the quiet, smooth operation of the spool when you reel in your prize fish.

The aluminum spool for shark fin braid is smooth and easy to retrieve. You don’t need to use the backing line capacity when spooling braid line. This gives you more braid fishing lines capacity than many of KastKIngs competitors.

This compact reel is powerful and can be paired up with many rods. This is a great baitfeeder iii spinning rod because of its size, weight, durability and grips.

Short Summary

It can be hard to find a fishing spin reel that is suitable for all fishing environments. This makes the kastking reel sharky lurefeeder even more impressive.

With its improved design since KastKing II, the affordable spinning reel outperforms all its competition. This spinning reel also offers a lot more line capacity than any other baitfeeder II spinning reel on the market.

This reel is built with a strong, durable body and features a K.I.S.S Protection System. It should last many years. This reel is also waterproof so it will not be damaged by salt or fresh water.

What do you think about the kastking sharky Baitfeeder iii It’s possible you have already tried it. Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


The KastKing sharky III is a great budget fishing reel that can be used for all purposes. This option is great if you have a tight budget. It’s difficult to find another reel with the same features and durability as this one, especially considering its price.

The KastKing sharky III reel isn’t perfect. The reel does lose its smoothness over time. The 5000 is also very small. It is barely larger than the 2000. And the customer service is terrible.

If you’re looking for a budget spin reel that’s durable, efficient, saltwater-safe, and affordable, the KastKing sharky III is a good choice. This is not the most expensive fishing reel, but it’s a great value for money.

Enjoy your fishing trips!

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