Lake DeGray Fishing Guides

Degray Lake Fishing Guide

Lake DeGray, Arkansas’ largest reservoir, offers many advantages over other fishing spots. It covers 13,800 acres and is home to largemouth bass as well as crappie fish. The lake is also home to catfish, breams, carp, and walleye.

Lake DeGray is known for its amazing fishing opportunities. This article will help you find the best Lake DeGray fishing guides.

YoYo Guide Service

Are you interested in fishing Degray Lake, Lake Greeson, for Crappie, Bass, or any other species? We love taking people on fishing trips.

Fishing with Tammy’s Guide Service

My goal is to have fun while fishing for crappie or bass and help you catch fish.

Xtreme Strike Fishing Guide Service

You’ve found the best Hot Springs, AR Fishing Guide, and Lake Ouachita Striper Fishing Guide. Let Xtreme Strike Fishing Guide Service guide you on your next striper fishing adventure.

Trips for Action Fishing

We will fish for any species that bites, but we prefer crappie. Our system of locating and catching crappie year-round on Lake Greeson is 45-miles southwest from Hot Springs, Arkansas, between Glenwood and Murfreesboro. We can pick you up at any marina on Lake Greeson, but our base is at Swaha Lodge and Marina.

Dylan Hays

Guide and professional angler.

Crumpton’s Fishing Guide Service

Wayne Crumpton, a professional bass angler and owner of Crumpton’s Professional Fishing Guide Service, on Lake Ouachita near Hot Springs National Park, is the guide coordinator.

Use the Internet!

Since I was a child, fishing has been an integral part of my daily life. I can still remember my dad taking me fishing. Those moments are treasured and have taught me to appreciate Maine’s natural beauty. I would be happy to take you fishing in one of Maine’s beautiful lakes or rivers.

Shane Landis Fishing guide

My name is Shane Landis. I have fished many places (oceans and lakes, rivers, ponds). Arkansas is a great place to fish because of the many outdoor adventures available. I started fishing Lake Ouachita (striped stripers) and Lake Degray, (hybrid stripers), shortly after moving here. It was an amazing experience to hook into a monster striper.

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