Best Lipless Crankbaits: Explanation and Reviews of Our Favorites
Best Lipless Crankbaits: Explanation and Reviews of Our Favorites

Best Lipless Crankbaits: Explanation and Reviews of Our Favorites

A lipless crankbait is worth serious consideration, regardless of whether you are hunting cool-weather bass or walleyes in weeds on cold mornings.

Lipless crankbaits work best in water less than 10 feet deep. They combine enticing action and a vegetation-forgiving design.

These crankbaits are so effective that you need a different technique.

Are you able to use a lipless crankbait? Have you ever thought about which ones are most effective?

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Here are some of the top lipless crankbaits.

  • The Strike King Red Eye Shad
  • The Rattlin’ Rapala
  • The Rapala Rippin Rap
  • Rat-L-Trap
  • The Cotton Cordell Super Spot

The Best Lipless Crankbaits – Reviewed

The Strike King Red Eye Shad

Sizes:1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 ounces

The Strike King Red Eye Shad, one of my favorite lipless crankbaits can produce strikes on cold autumn mornings.

These lures come in three sizes and a wide variety of colors. They wiggle tight and produce the right vibration to encourage strikes. It is equipped with an internal rattle that rings the bell for hungry walleye and bass.

The Rattlin’ Rapala

Sizes:(4)1 1/2 inches, (5) 2 and (7) 2 3/4 inches. (8) 3 1/8 inch

Anglers all over the world love the venerable Rattlin’ Rapala. One glance will tell you why.

This Rapala comes in a variety of colors, including vivid colors such as “Silver Gold” and hyper-realistic hatch patterns. It also has BBs that provide amazing vibration and sound. These crankbaits are a great choice due to their excellent action and deserve a spot in every tackle bag.

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The Rapala Rippin Rap

Sizes:(5) 2, (6) 2 1/4 inches, and (7) 2 3/4 inch

The Rapala Rippin Rap’s taller body and unique design make it a powerful striker in low-light situations.

The Rippin’ Rap comes in a variety of high-visibility colors. It is perfect for low visibility.


Sizes:1/4 oz

Few anglers don’t know the Rat-L-Trap. If there is a crankbait with a more powerful sound and vibration, I would love to hear about it!

You can choose from a variety of colors including “Lectric gold” and “Orange Crawdad” which will suit any mood or appetite.

The Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Sizes:2 1/2 inches and 3 inches

The Cotton Cordell Super Spot is last, but not least. It’s named after the black spot that adorns each lure, regardless of its color.

This lure is a popular choice for walleye and bass anglers across the US because of its tight wiggling action.

This crankbait is a great choice, especially if your goal is to find bright patterns.

Lipless Crankbaits 101: Basics

Lipless crankbaits don’t have the common lip found on most crankbaits. Instead, they use their basic form to create hydrodynamics that causes them to dive. They are generally non-buoyant and sink when they have the chance.

Look closely at the image above. The lure has a wide, sloping nostril. This is what creates the dive. If you take the time to look at a lipless crankbait closely, you will also notice subtle details such as the swell right behind the eye and the taper towards a narrow tail.

These almost invisible design choices enable a lipless crankbait to wriggle with tight side-to-side waggles, mimicking the swimming style cool-weather baitfish.

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Some crankbaits with lips, known as rattle-baits add an inner chamber filled full of tiny BBs. This adds an irresistible “come get me” factor to an already great design.

Two treble hooks are standard on lipless crankbaits. They can be used fore or aft. Hooksets are rarely an issue with lipless crankbaits.

Are you looking for more lures to use? For more information, see our buying guide!

How to Fish a Lipless Crankbait

A steady retrieve won’t reveal the magic of a lipless crankbait.

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