Penn Battle II Spinning Reel Review

Penn Battle II Spinning reel Review

The Battle II spinning reel is very affordable and has a lot of value, especially for freshwater anglers. These reels are strong and easy to use. This reel’s smooth drag and anti-reverse features make fishing more fun and easier for all anglers.

Some people have complained that the reels are a bit heavy, but others disagree. The Battle II 5000 spinning reels were first released in 2014. They have a techno-balanced rotor that makes them easy to retrieve. The completely metal body is strong, durable, and accurate. It weighs only 19.80 oz and can hold 300 yards of braid weighing 30 lbs. Braid.

These features are available on the Penn BTLII6000 Battle II spinning spin reel:

  • Type of front drag made from carbon fiber
  • Handle and spools anodized from 100% aluminum
  • Maximum drag 25 lbs
  • 5:61 gear ratio, retrieval rate 36
  • Anti-reverse instant
  • Position of the reel handle: Left or Right

The Penn Battle II spinning reel is a great choice if you have a large rod that needs extra support. This reel is ideal for big fish fishermen who don’t want the reel to break at crucial moments.

Both the pros and cons

These reels have many great features, including the ability to catch large and small fish. These reels are rust-resistant and can be used in fresh and saltwater. If you plan to fish in coastal waters, the 6000 model is a good choice.

When handling fish with a lot of fighting, the instant anti-reverse function is a great option. Techno-balanced rotors will provide you with a stable and easy retrieval even for larger fish.

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The reels are very sturdy and have a soft-touch knob. This reel is strong and accurate thanks to its metallic body and precise gear alignment. It will stand the test of time.

Although there aren’t any negatives to this reel, some people find them too heavy. Users haven’t reported any major flaws after looking deeper into user comments, skim reviews, and reading through the reviews.


The Penn Battle II Spinning Reel makes a great investment, especially for people who are looking to catch large fish in fresh and saltwater. These reels are extremely versatile and strong. This reel is very affordable, making it well worth a look. Always wear your life jacket, or PFD when fishing in deep water. Everyone, happy fishing! Thank you!

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