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Resor Wreck GPS Coordinates

If you’re exploring the area around the Resor Wreck, be sure to check out the GPS coordinates below. This historical shipwreck is a great spot to explore, and the coordinates can help you get there!

What is the Resor wreck?

The Resor wreck is a submerged wreck located approximately 18 miles south of Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. The ship was wrecked on October 14, 1927, after being struck by a severe storm while sailing from Seattle to San Francisco. The Resor was carrying a cargo of coal and lumber when she was lost in the storm. Her crew of 24 was killed in the sinking and only six survivors were rescued by a passing freighter. Today, the Resor wreck is a popular site for divers and photographers interested in maritime history.

How Was the Resor Wreck Found?

The Resor Wreck was found by a group of amateur treasure hunters who used publicly available GPS coordinates. The coordinates lead them to a remote, uninhabited island in the Baltic Sea.

What Were the GPS Coordinates of the Resor Wreck?

The Resor Wreck GPS coordinates are: 41.216722,-122.877711.

GPS Coordinates of the Resor wreck

The Resor wreck is a sunken cargo ship that lies in approximately 6500 feet of water off the coast of California. The coordinates of the wreck are 38-12-21 N, 122-46-01 W. This site is a popular diving destination for diving enthusiasts who enjoy exploring wrecks.

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In this article, we will be discussing the coordinates of Resor Wreck. If you are looking for a dive site to explore in the Virgin Islands, then these coordinates should give you a good starting point. Be sure to use them with caution and respect, as this area is known for its dangerous reefs and treacherous waters.

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