How to Tie the San Diego Jam Knot

San Diego Jam – A Good Snug Knot For All Line Types

Braid is a great mainline. It offers incredible strength and diameter, as well as superior casting ability. This combination is ideal for catching monster females, as bass anglers will attest.

Braid doesn’t like to bite on its own, and many good knots won’t hold the braid in the same way they do in mono.

What’s the solution? The solution? A quick, secure knot that is as strong as Krazy glue.

Welcoming to the San Diego Jam

How to tie the San Diego Jam Knot

  1. You can pass your line through the hook’s eye, giving you plenty of tag end.
  2. Grab the main lines and tag about 4 inches away from your lure. Then, turn the remaining tag end toward the eye.
  3. Wrap the tag end around the lines 5-7 times, running back towards the eye.
  4. Pass the end of the tag through the loop closest to the eye.
  5. Next, pass the tag end through the loop that you have been holding.
  6. You will need to wet the knot and secure it with a cinch.
  7. Trimm the tag at the end.

Why Rely on San Diego Jam Knot

  • Strong –It is impossible to find braid-to-lure connections that provide 100% of the line’s strength. The San Diego Jam pulls 95% of the time, which is just amazing.
  • Quick –Although it is not as fast as the Modified Uni’s, the San Diego Jam can still be tied in seconds. This allows you to go back to fishing when you have the time.
  • Simple –The San Diego Jam is a simple tie that combines speed and simplicity.

The San Diego Jam Knot In Braid

All braided lines are made of Dyneema and Spectra fibers. Some are further coated to increase durability and abrasion resistance. This results in incredible strength and diameter. Braid is rightly celebrated for this characteristic.

Dyneema, Spectra, and other slick materials are too slippery for knots. Slippage is a problem, not strength.

Imagine a man who is very strong hanging from a chin-up. He has a lot of grip strength. However, if you grease the bar with axle grease before he grabs it, your strength will be negligible. He won’t hold it no matter how strong or weak he may be.

This is the problem with braided line and knot integrity.

Clever knot design is the key to this solution. The San Diego Jam increases friction by increasing the surface area of the knot’s contact.

This results in a simple-to-tie braid that allows for the braid to bite.

What happens when San Diego Jam Knots fail?

The San Diego Jam is versatile and works well with all types of lines. It’s also a great choice for braid-loving anglers, as it holds its shape very well.

It can also fail. These are the most common reasons.

  • Tie the knot in a frayed or damaged string this is something we all have done. Failing to remove tattered lines until you have new material to tie a knot can lead to knot failure. Always inspect your line and, if in doubt, cut.
  • You don’t need to tie your knot before you can pinch. This is an essential step. You should not wet your line before you pull it tight. This can cause friction and heat that can lead to a weakening of your line at the knot.
  • Do not tie your knot. After you have tied the knot, pull it tightly until it is secure.
  • Improper technique –Although it is not difficult to tie, you should practice it before you use it on the water.
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