Shark River Reef GPS Coordinates

shark river reef fishing

Shark River Reef is an ideal spot for summer inshore fishing just off the coast from Manasquan New Jersey. It covers approximately 3/4 mile in area and has a depth of 119 to 134.9 feet. Many submerged structures, ships, and artificial reef debris are found.

This location is easily accessible by small boats that want to fish for bluefish, flounder, and sea bass. We have the Shark River Reef GPS coordinates in this post. These coordinates are for the middle of the reef.

Where is the Shark River Reef located?

The Shark River Reef can be found approximately 15 miles off the coast of New Jersey, between Manasquan inlets and Shark River inlets.

These are the GPS coordinates of the Shark River Reef.

Decimal Degrees (DD), 40.113333 –73.690000
Degrees Decimal Minutes (DDM) 40deg 6.8′ N 73deg 41.4′ W
Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS) 40deg 6′ 47.9988” N 73deg 41′ 24” W

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