Shimano Curado 200 HGK Reel Review

Shimano Curado 200 HGK Reel

Shimano Curado 200 HGK Reel Review


Line capacity:30/190, 50/120 and 65/80 (braid).
Bearings 6 + 1 roller bearing
Gear ratio:7.4:1
Weight: 7.6 oz.
Maximum drag:11 lbs.

The Curado series baitcasting reels from Shimano are the best for serious anglers. Their legendary performance has put smiles on people’s faces for generations. The Curado line has been upgraded to be even more competitive with the best reels.

A range of gear ratios is available to suit different techniques.

Today I am reviewing the 200HGK, which is a right-handed reel that has a 7.4 to 1 gear ratio.


Curado HGK can hold quite a lot of lines. Shimano claims that the Curado HGK can hold 190, 120, and 80 yards of PowerPro braid (30, 50, and 80 pounds respectively). This reel is a great reel, with a capacity of 190, 120, and 80 yards.

That’s a lot of line for a reel this small and lightweight. For the tasks that I will use this reel for, I don’t think I would need more lines.

Fluorocarbon and monofilament will cause these figures to plummet.


Quality and weight are two of my top considerations when looking at reels. The Curado HGK does just that.

On the right side, just behind the crank, is the star-shaped drag handle. You can adjust the speed of the crank by simply moving the knobs with your fingers.

This is something I have learned to appreciate when I get a surprise at the end of my line.

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Shimano claims a maximum drag of 11.3 pounds. Stacked carbon fiber discs form the core of this great system.

This reel was tested at various weights with a fishing scale. The drag performed well, with no slippage or jerking from its lowest setting to its maximum. It weighed just over a pound.

This is a particularly impressive performance at the lower end, where baitcasters are often unable to deliver smooth performance.

You can also expect walleye, pike, and monstrous bass at this setting’s high end.


Curado HGK’s automatic anti-reverse system works immediately. This reel is designed to provide maximum hook-setting power and cannot turn backward.


This is my second most important consideration when choosing a reel.

The Curado series has a very fine spool, which runs on one bearing. You can see the magic Shimano does during manufacturing right away!

Baitcasting reels are based on a free-spinning spin spool. Friction is the enemy of long casts. This reel is a great choice, especially if you don’t use the brakes or tension your spool. Experienced anglers will be able to cast this reel with a variety of lure weights.

This spool is made from aluminum and precision matters. The more precise the machining, there will be less vibration during casting and retrieving. I was impressed and I am sure you will too.

Shimano uses a centrifugal brake system that is paired with an adjustment loop beneath the side plate to control backlashing. Each of the four brake tabs shown (e.g., in the off position) can be easily switched on or off. The least amount of braking can be switched on and off easily in any order.

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You can control the applied brake force by turning the four brake pads on and off. You can adjust the setting to suit your skills and conditions by adding the spool tensioning knob adjacent to the crank.

Notice: If the side plate won’t close, unlatch the tensioning knob on the spool! Please read!


Curado HGK has a 7.4 to 1 gear ratio. This means that the spool spins 7.4 times for every turn of your crank. This gives you a retrieval rate of around 31 inches per turn. That’s plenty for topwater, worms, jerk baits, and other techniques where the slack line should be avoided.

It works well for me with any of the deepest diving crankbaits. However, your mileage may differ.

The reel has soft-touch rubber knobs at the crank and long arms that provide lots of torque.

The Curado Know has micro-module gearing, a feature that was only available on Shimano’s more expensive Chronarch. This basically means that the solid brass gears in Curado K are smaller and more closely spaced, which provides impressive smoothness and better torque, and long service life.

Last Thoughts

The Curado K series from Shimano provides both the performance that experienced anglers need and the ease of use that newer fishermen will appreciate. This reel is easy to set up and affordable for the quality it offers. It also has time-tested design features that will not disappoint.

Lewis Mark is a vastly experienced fly fisher. His encyclopedic knowledge of fly tying has led to start blog on fishing. He also review Fishing equipment based on his knowledge and experience.