Shimano Curado K Reel Review

We ask you the question: Does the Shimano Curado K live up to its hype?

The simple answer to this question is yes.

The Shimano Curado Kreel is one of the most expensive at this price and maybe the best reel that you can purchase. It is that good. Shimano reel manufacturers are proud of their reputation. If there is one brand you can trust when purchasing reels, it is definitely the big S.

For years, the Curado series has been a favorite among anglers. Recent changes to the line-up have only made it more popular. The Curado K comes with many features that were only available on the Curado I, and that is saying a lot. It rivals the expensive and impressive Chronarch series for some anglers.

Shimano Curado K Reel Review

Shimano Curado 200K HG Lowprofile Freshwater Fishing ReelWeight:7.6 oz. / 7.8 ounces for models with the highest gear ratio
Bearings6 + 1
MaterialHagane Aluminum Frame
Maximum dragCarbon Fiber; 11 lbs.
Capacity8/180, 10/155, and 14/110
Gear ratios:6.2.1; 26″/7.4;1; 31″/8.5:1 and 36″


MicroModule gearing

MicroModule gearing used to be available only on the Curado K flagship model. However, Shimano included this premium option in their much more affordable Curado series.

This system gives you a smoother and more fluid feel by moving to smaller teeth in the solid brass gearing. Although it is just an assumption, I would guess that this system improves durability. It’s definitely more durable than similar aluminum gearing.

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SVS Infinity brake

The SVS Infinity brake system uses friction to stop bird’s nests. It works by changing lure weights, casting into the wind, or throwing tiny jigs or spinners.

The system can be adjusted via an external know. However, it can also be accessed via a hinged side plate. This allows for very precise settings. You can adjust the knob’s settings by simply raising or lowering any of the four brake heads. This allows for virtually unlimited options.

It works great! Once you have it set up for you, it’s almost impossible to have any line problems.

Smaller body

Shimano claims that the Curado K is 10 percent smaller than its predecessor, the Curado I. Although I haven’t measured it, that seems to be about right. This size reduction results in a much more comfortable body, which fits me extremely well.

Larger handle

The handle of the Curado has increased in size as its body has decreased. Although not everyone anglers like a large handle, it is a good thing!

I feel my cranking power has increased with longer arms. Given the wide range of gear ratios on this reel, it’s no surprise.

This reel is available in both left-hand and right-hand versions.

Aluminium frame Hagane

The Curado K can keep its rigidity and durability with a strong aluminum frame. However, all that strength comes with a price. The Curado K’s lightest model weighs in at 7.6 ounces.

That could be attributed to the MicroModule gearing, which probably adds an ounce or two in exchange for a finer feel.

Side plate CI4

You simply need to open the side plate, which pivots on a pin. This retaining pin, as simple as it sounds, is a blessing.

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You’ve probably experienced a side plate falling into the water. It can ruin a great day of fishing. This new design makes it impossible for that to happen.

S3D Stable Spool System

The Curado K’s S3D Stable Spool System reduces vibration in conjunction with the MicroModule gearing, and the Hagane bodies. Look no further if you want amazing slickness and buttery smoothness!

This allows for very, very long castings. This reel is unbeatable for long-distance casting, thanks to the SVS Infinity system that adjusts for your lure weight and conditions.

It’s so good!

Super Stopper anti-reverse roller bearing

Six bearings are housed in the Curado K, along with one Super Stopper Anti Reverse roller bearing. It is a one-way design that doesn’t allow for any rearward movement and provides instant hook-setting power.

Cross Carbon Drag

The Curado K has a carbon-fiber drag that provides smooth, positive resistance, from just 11 ounces to the full 11-pound setting. Although not as powerful as the Curado I’s drag, this system is still very reliable.

Both the pros and cons

The Shimano Curado K is an improvement over the Curado I. It’s simply a high-quality reel that costs $100 less than the legendary Chronarch. However, it still delivers amazing casting, smooth gearing, great braking, and incredible casting. Although Chronarch devotees may disagree, I don’t think I would spend that much extra on a reel.

Casting is a class-leading skill once you have adjusted the SVS Infinity system according to your needs. Although your mileage may differ, I cannot think of any reel that can beat this reel. The Curado K’s drag is strong and prevents slippage and skipping, even in light settings. You can adjust the Curado K’s gear ratio to suit your needs.

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The Curado K does not live up to expectations.

This reel’s problem is its weight. Although the body was trimmed a little to make it smaller, solid brass gearing has added some mass. You might consider looking elsewhere if you are concerned about the extra weight.

11 pounds of drag might not be enough for some anglers, especially if they’re using Curado K to push the Curado K into saltwater or brackish waters for reds. This is a personal call and it doesn’t count as a demerit.


The Shimano Curado K is a well-received reel. This reel is a marvel that offers top-quality quality, bomb-proof durability, and refinement that rivals the Chronarch series.

Amazingly, it does this at such a low price.

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