One Knot to Rule Them All – How to Tie the Uni Knot

An angler who is skilled in fishing knows which knot to use for each situation. This could be a blood knot to attach mono to mono, a bovine to tie a boat to a piling, or a nail knot to attach the leader to fly line.

While there is no one type of knot that works for all, it is extremely handy to be able to tie one that is strong, secure against sudden force, and can be used on a wide range of line types.

We are here to inform you that such a knot is possible and offers many benefits as well as very few drawbacks. This is the Uni knot, also known as the Gallows Knot.

It is easy to identify its original purpose from the name. However, it is also an excellent general-purpose fishing knot.

This article will demonstrate how to tie the Uni knot for the most common of two connections:

How to Tie the Uni knot

  1. Your line should pass through the eye of the lure or hook or around the object that you want to connect (your reel, hook, lure, etc).
    You can double your line and add a tag line.
    Turn the tag end around and bring it back along the main and tag lines.
  2. Wrap the tag end around the main lines and tag at least five to seven more times.
  3. You can wet the knot pull the tag end towards your finger until it is tight.
  4. Pull the mainline down until it meets your hook, lure, or another object.
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