What Pound Test Line for Striped Bass Fishing?

What Pound Test Leader For Striped Bass?

The pound test of your leader can make the difference between keeping your fish or giving it back to the water below. A bad test leader can cause a large enough fish to snap your line, leaving you with an empty reel.

The Striped Bass is no exception. To properly reel them in, you will need the correct type of fishing line.

The Striped Bass’s Best Fishing Line Pound Test

One of the problems with stripers is that they can have a wide range in size and weight. They can grow up to 12 inches when they reach adulthood. Their maximum height is five feet.

You need a line that can provide you with a stronghold, but is lightweight and maneuverable. The size of the hooks that you plan to use is also important. If you are surfing fishing for stripers you will need to consider the length of your line and the shock it causes by being thrown into the surf.

Freshwater 10-30 pound test

Saltwater Trolling 30 pound test

Saltwater Casting 20-30 pound test

Surfcasting – 50 to80 pound test

Experts recommend a braided line for fishing because it can carry more weight. Because the fibers are strong enough to withstand tugging and pulling from even the toughest fish, they are less likely to snap than other fishing lines.

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