What Size Hook for Striped Bass?

What Size Hook for Striped Bass?

You might be unsure of the right size hook for striper fishing if you are new to striper fishing . You should always consider the size of the fish you are trying to catch, and adjust your hook accordingly.

This applies to striped bass, too. Depending on where they live, their diet and age, stripers can be different sizes. A small hook is great for freshwater stripers but a larger hook might be needed for those who migrate to the oceans. We’ll show you how to choose the right size hook for fishing for striped bass.

Hook sizes for Striped Bass Fishing

Anglers who are looking for stripers within the 18 inch range are often fishing in lakes or ponds that are not near the ocean. Lake Powell in Utah and Lake Mead, Nevada are both great spots for stripers of this size. To catch stripers like these, you should use a one- or two aught (1/0). hook.

A larger hook is required for medium-large-sized striped bass within the 20-30 inch range. For stripers this size, experienced anglers use four-aught (4/0). hooks. Although you can use a three- or five-aught hook for stripers of this size, you might miss some opportunities. Stripers are usually found in these areas in larger lakes and oceans. Fishermen often use live bait to lure them in.

The longest stripers are 35 to 40 inches . They can be found in large rivers, lakes and bays that flow directly into the ocean. Because these stripers need a larger hook than the smaller versions, you will need to use larger bait. When fishing stripers in this area, you should use a seven- to eight aught (7/0 hook).

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